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EIS core capabilities

EIS affiliates capabilities

The research interests of faculty who participate in our Environmental Toxicology program are very broad, including: water, air, and soil monitoring, environmental chemistry, systems biology, toxicant exposure gene profiling, environmental microbiology, cell signaling, ecotoxicology, remote system monitoring, and transportation-related/induced health disparities. The EIS department currently has 4 tenure track or tenured faculty members, with an additional 15 Environmental Toxicology-participating faculty from related departments (e.g. Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Transportation Studies, etc.) currently contributing to departmental teaching and mentoring of Environmental Toxicology students’ research projects. Please note that the list is not exhaustive, and information about additional prospective affiliate faculty and their research interests can be provided by the Department. For a list of current EIS faculty and ETox affiliated research interests, please click  <link here to Affiliates.pdf>