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Research Infrastructure for Science and Engineering (RISE)

The RISE project has the goal of increasing the number of minority and under-represented students who pursue advanced graduate degrees (specifically Ph.D. students at TSU), thereby meeting our nation’s critical future workforce demands in STEM fields. The three research goals of the project are:

  1. Investigate the environmental fate and transport dynamics of environmental PGE and vanadium to humans and assess human exposure to these elements through inhalation of nano-sized atmospheric particulate matter and ingestion of contaminated surface soil and associated potential health risks.
  2. Examine the effect of PGE and vanadium on transcription factors, MAP kinases, and pro-inflammatory cytokines in human lung epithelial cells and use computer models to capture and predict the dynamics of transduction pathways.
  3. Characterize PGE and vanadium exposure to gut epithelium and representative prokaryotic members of the gut microbiota and develop a microbial biosensor for human disease.



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